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Wish I could tell them where to stick their groceries!

Updated on Sat 13th Jan 2018------------------------------------Ocado apologised and decided to deliver today between 5 & 6pm (Order no 3940623861).

We are sorry to hear that we were not able to be more helpful in with your voucher, which led to you ask for your account to be closed.

If your account has yet to be closed please do send us an email so we can have a closer look at this for you.

If an order is cancelled at a late stage it would incur a perishable charge as per our T's & C's.

I offered to drive over and collect it from the driver (or a location of his choosing) - this was rejected.

I asked to leave it with a neighbour in the old block they were parked outside - this was rejected.

Lets hope this third attempt at delivery finally settles the whole saga. A moronic and disinterested response resulting in a request to delete my account and data. Addendum: I note that Ocado have replied to this review, with another bizarre response. Obviously a quick fob off suits Ocado better and I’m glad I won’t be shopping with them, or paying their ‘mark ups’ again in future.

I’ve now registered with genuine supermarkets directly, rather than with their delivery boys.

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