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Dating apps allow him to keep a safe distance.‘What’s not to like? ‘I used to have to go to bars to find female attention, but now I can enjoy the best of both worlds: wining and dining women I meet at parties while flirting with whoever takes my fancy online.I have no intention of settling down soon, so I don’t see a problem.‘Going on actual dates with women I meet online is too risky — she might start comparing me with my profile picture and I bet she probably doesn’t look much like hers, either.’Dating may be evolving, but it can still be a minefield in the digital world where it’s no longer just about easy hook-ups or finding ‘the one’.The longer I stayed king of the gene pool, the more women flocked. Being knocked off my perch by a chiselled young cove from Ipswich named Gareth really ruined my day.But even as I slid down the most-wanted list (in a week I dropped four places; the next week I’d fallen to number 14; a few days after that, I was out of the running completely), I was still more interested in the narcissistic kick of virtual admiration than finding a meaningful relationship. A straw poll of my friends and acquaintances reveals several using dating sites, not necessarily to meet women, but to gain reassurance they’ve still got it.Having previously denied a relationship, the two Heroes stars, according to their friends are now said to be a fully-fledged item. A source said that Milo, who is 12 years older than his young girlfriend, has been given the seal of approval by the petite blonde's mother, who said she "adores" the handsome, dark-haired actor. He's more proper and reserved, and she's still playful and very girly."The actress' spokesperson said: "We do not respond to inquiries from the media regarding Ms. He fits in perfectly with the family."The couple are reported to be "very affectionate together, and very comfortable around each other." According to People magazine, the handsome Heroes star accompanied Hayden to New York to meet her family who don't appear to be bothered by the slight generation gap between the pair.The remains of a Bronze Age adolescent (above) have been found buried in foetal position at Wilsford Henge in the Vale of Pewsey, Wiltshire, close to the site of Stonehenge.The body, which is about 4.9 feet long, was found wearing an amber necklace and may shed light on the lives of those who lived in the area 4,000 years ago Archaeologists discovered the body during a six week excavation at the site of what is thought to be an ancient burial complex.

For the past nine months he has been rotating several different apps, but still doesn’t feel ready to meet anyone in person. Andrew, 50, a sound engineer from Sussex has been in a loveless marriage for most of his 40s and, though he has no intention of cheating on his wife, he’s desperate for some female attention.‘I’ve been interacting with women online for over a year, but have a limited window of opportunity.

Some were keen to meet the next day — requests I would studiously ignore — while others liked to remain aloof and mysterious.

At times there would be four or five women messaging me at a time, with yet more registering their interest with a virtual ‘wink’ or ‘nudge’.

After a while, it became increasingly difficult to maintain a coherent dialogue.

On occasion, tempers would fray and I’d receive the ominous ‘you’re obviously not interested’ message, which would send me scurrying back to the ether.

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