Alma and stefan

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Till läsåret 2018/2019 genomför vi under februari antagningsprov för elever som sökt till åk 7, åk 8 och åk 9.Last week as was in Bologna, Italy, on an assignment for The Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award (ALMA).They recieved the award the first year I worked as ALMA’s photographer in 2009.Sonya Hartnett’s portrait was taken in the same hall as Kitty’s and Katherine’s, but in some way the light didn’t really work out as I had planned.I took her portrait inside of the halls, with her back at the windows high up and facing a large white wall that worked as some kind of reflector.Not the window light I got near the door, but worked just fine.He won the prize in 2005 together with Philip Pullman, but unfortunately he wasn’t there.

All the previous winners were interviewed on video during one of the days, and I stayed close so I could ask them for a few more minutes.

My first assignment is always to do a photo shoot so ALMA can have their own publicity portraits in their image bank, and that session always takes place on Skeppsholmen, a small island in the middle of Stockholm.

I would have preferred to have used an umbrella or a softbox, but with the wind, I had to learn from previous experience, do not use lighting modifiers that flies away on their own.

Most times, when I use a studio flash outdoors, I tend to have them quite close to my models.

I like working that way, but now I also wanted to include a bit of the nice scenery from Stockholm at it’s best, so I had to have something that didn’t steal too much light.

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