Boot camp risk young adults

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Perhaps think about trying to justify the cost by committing to no gaming costs, movies, phone credit, junk food etc.for the rest of the year and if ur teens are like mine it will easily be covered ; ) A great investment I highly recommend. who attended the January Life Ammo camp, has had a bit of an unfortunate run with health since returning from camp and so assessing his progress since attending V4Y has been a little slower. is well on the mend now but suffered a broken arm that required surgery a week after returning from camp (and he is still in a shoulder to wrist cast for another 4 weeks) and then 2 weeks after that accident he contracted Appendicitis and had his appendix surgically removed!He came back from camp more respectful and resilient.So, we’ve definitely seen wonderful improvements and breakthroughs from J’s experience with V4Y, but we haven’t been able to fully integrate higher expectations at home, given J’s recent health constraints.

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) and he rarely complained even when it was acceptable to do so.

If you can attend the parents workshop even better.

As a family, we returned from Qld all on the same page with a fresh start. BUT my son went last month (blue helmet) and as an experienced youth worker I can absolutely understand the cost as the activities and support involved is amazing.

After the camp, he resolutely kept to doing fitness every morning (often after making his bed! Obviously with 2 operations in 3 weeks, this has had to stop and at times his mood has been low and there has been more time spent on screens (watching movies etc..) than we would normally like.

We’re looking forward to him being able to get back to that positive exercise routine and discipline in just over a month.

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