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For the time being though, we have our hands full with the latest advance, wireless trail cameras.It seems hunters in the backwoods and hollers all across this great nation have just recently caught up to actually using trail cameras for the first time.While it was the best strategy at the time, a single step in the trail camera industry has changed the way hunters use trail cameras forever.This step was the unveiling of cellular and wireless trail cameras.In the case for hunters, if you want a trail camera to send you images via text and email at anytime from anywhere, you desire a trail camera with cellular capability.In some manufacturer’s descriptions, wireless just means not having to go directly to the camera site to check the camera, you can connect with it by driving or walking within range of the wifi signal.It has a plan, a SIM card, and can send a certain amount of pictures depending on your preferences and payment plan.

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Bushnell’s wireless trail camera plans are as follows: (You do not have to have AT &T on your current phone plan, nor sign a contract, the service is provided through Bushnell) The Economy plan with the right settings will allow you to experience great results and benefits from a wireless trail camera, without having to break the bank.

Now while it might sound extremely interesting to get your hands on a cellular/wireless trail camera, it can be a little confusing and overwhelming.

Some trail camera manufacturing companies need you to set up the plan, yet others will allow you to immediately set up the cellular trial camera nd use it for the first month (for free), then pay as you go with the same SIM card.

However, upon the arrival of opening day, you make a mistake…you climb up into your “go to” stand.

When you checked cameras on September 1, the pictures reported intel all August that “Junior” – your 150 inch 8 point, is sticking around in the area.

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