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Dan fires a cannonball at a disused van to see how much damage a cannon can really do.Episode #202 – "Cardiff Castle" Dan Jones is in the heart of Wales, exploring a stronghold that was built not just as an impenetrable fortress but also as a lavish fairy tale home: Cardiff Castle.Dating back to Roman times, Lancaster Castle, owned by The Duchy of Lancaster, has witnessed scenes of historical, cultural and political significance throughout the centuries, including incidents of religious persecution, the trials of the "Lancashire Witches" and 200 executions.

In 1314 the castle was given to Hugh Despenser the Younger, the controversial favorite of Edward II.

Jones discovers that one of William the Conqueror's eldest sons, Robert Curthose, was imprisoned here.

In 1106 Henry I gave the castle to his illegitimate son, Robert of Gloucester.

Over the years many myths have grown up around the man but Jones poses the question, who was the real Dick Turpin?

Episode #204 – "Lancaster Castle" Dan Jones is exploring one of the oldest – and most fearsome — castles ever built: Lancaster Castle.

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