Clove oil and sedating koi private kontaktanzeigen kostenlos Nürnberg

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If you have the tools on hand ready to go, you stand a much better chance of a complete recovery.Far too often, by the time the hobbyist notices the problem, then manages to go buy all the supplies needed, well, it's just too late to do anything about it.I prefer a product called Ultimate, but there are many others on the market.Also, Debride Pro Heath is great for sick fish and works well with Ultimate.Because of this selective breeding process koi have lost much of that wild hardiness and they are more fragile then you might think.That is not to say the slightest mistake and all the koi will go belly up, but rather you need to take care and provide your koi with better water conditions to ensure long term health.

Next, of course it's good to have general water treatments handy.It makes it far easier to catch and treat the koi if they are in a smaller tank. Something like a simple as a kiddie pool will work just fine.These can often be picked up for less then 0 at your local discount superstore. These will last much longer and you can keep them set up for an indefinite amount of time.Bacterial infections can be caused by a scratch or injury like a split fin or lost scale, stress that weakens the koi's immune system, poor water conditions, parasites and a whole host of other reasons. There is bacteria in all water and it is very opportunistic.Any weakness on vulnerability and the bacteria moves right in.

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