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In the above command, alphabet G represents the drive letter for your flash/Pen drive. A: I bet you missed the spaces attrib -H -R -S /D G:\*.* Q: If I use the attrib command, will the hard drive get formatted and will all the files and folders be deleted? Try these free tools – Recuva, Test Disk, Photo Rec etc.

You may need to change it as it shows in your computer. A: No, only the files converted to shortcuts will be recovered. Q: I had accidently deleted the data on my pen drive. Q: All files converted to shortcuts and are infected by virus. A: If you format the drive, you will loose all the data.

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If you connected your flash drive to an infected computer, all your existing files may get converted into shortcuts. But if you check the space usage, you will find that the data is still there. Months back, I had written a post on similar topic to recover virus infected data from Pen/Flash drive. However, not all our readers are tech savvy and hence they faced some difficulties. Getting back to the topic, to recover your data (which is converted to shortcuts), just follow these simple steps: 1. Q: I tried the command but getting this error: attrib-h-r-s cannot be recognized.

Hence, in this article, I will put the answers to questions that are frequently asked.

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