Dating website for blind people

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The RLSB is now working with the developers to run the idea by focus groups of young blind people to get their views on whether it will work for them.

“We know from experience that with technological advances and developments comes increased independence and confidence for vision-impaired people,” said Tom Pey, the RLSB’s chief executive.

“I was near hysterics.” Chalkias found a low-tech solution to that particular problem: He worked with a mobility instructor, a service offered by the New York State Commission for the Blind.

Chalkias, who lost his vision at age 28 and now runs the demo center at the Computer Center for Visually Impaired People at Baruch College in midtown Manhattan, hands me an i Phone with a darkened screen. For a few months, he had a revised schedule with shortened hours. “It was too hard to subject myself to that daily question of, ‘Will this be a good day? ’” His vision didn’t degrade incrementally; for a while, it fluctuated.The Royal London Society for Blind (RLSB) people has decided the time has come to find a way to help visually impaired people to improve both through the means of technology.It invited developers to investigate how technology could help blind people to improve their dating opportunities, increase social interaction with their peers and reduce barriers for finding employment. “Take one finger and swipe it right,” Chalkias advises. Keep the contact briefer.” A blip—like leveling up in a video game—tells me I’m in the right place. He’s wearing an oversized purple shirt and pants with a tear over the knee. WLIJJ is the best I can do—three minutes later—before I accidentally close the window. Chalkias has cloudy blue eyes and tufts of blonde hair.

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