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You don`t have to get every question right though, for instance I tested this chain of events and made a mistake and still got the ending I wanted. General tips on pre-Date choices Alyssa Coffee share. stupid formatting screwed it up after copy-pasting...

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Alyssa is perfect and really needs a expansion to the character i hope one day they expand this game too. * Send spicy sms to Alyssa * She`ll be tough one to crack... (Increasing Passion is easy because you can touch her pussy as many times as you like and it doesn`t reduce your stamina, also throwing panties to Motorbiker will increase passion a bit) After blowjob and sex with motorbiker bring passion to max by fucking her yourself For ending 3: * (!!! * Check Maria`s purse or send an sms to Alyssa, depending on which you do date may go differently, but you can get Maria either way. For instance Aly will cuss you out if you send her a SMS when she`s pissed, but when she`s happy she will respond accordingly. Alyssa and Maria`s moods affect the results of the choices you make and have to be above/below a certain level to attain the choices that you want.

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