Definition of backdating

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Where it has been determined that an award of a jobseeker’s allowance is to be reduced in accordance with section 6J or 6K of the Act, the amount of the reduction for each benefit week in respect of which a reduction has effect is to be calculated as follows.Step 1 Take the number of days— and deduct any days in that benefit week or total outstanding reduction period for which the reduction is suspended in accordance with regulation 24.

(4) For the purposes of paragraph (d) of the definition of “couple” in section 35(1) of the Act, two persons of the same sex are to be regarded as living together as if they were civil partners only if they would be regarded as living together as husband and wife were they instead two persons of the opposite sex.(3) Reductions relating to the award of a jobseeker’s allowance under section 6J or 6K of the Act(27) and regulations 17 to 29 of these Regulations do not apply to such a person.—(1) For the purposes of section 1(2)(b) of the Act(28), a claimant who has accepted a claimant commitment within such period after making a claim for a jobseeker’s allowance as the Secretary of State specifies is to be treated as having accepted that claimant commitment on the first day of the period in respect of which the claim is made.(5) In this regulation, “polygamous marriage” means any marriage during the subsistence of which a party to it is married to more than one person and the ceremony of marriage took place under the law of a country which permits polygamy.(6) References in these Regulations to a person participating as a service user are to the person— “voluntary work preparation” means particular action taken by a claimant and agreed by the Secretary of State for the purpose of making it more likely that the claimant will obtain paid work, but which is not specified by the Secretary of State as a work preparation requirement under section 6C of the Act.

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