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Cora falls in love with the Duke of Wareham, who needs Cora's money to refurbish his estate. ====================================================================== AMISH GATHERING: LIFE IN LANCASTER COUNTY Author: WISEMAN, BETH, 1962- S/P/V: None Reading level: Adult LB 06346 1 volume in 1 container Three heartwarming tales of old friends and new beginnings in an Amish community.

The two marry, only to find that the past threatens their happiness. Leah can write stories, but is no good at the skills of a proper Amish wife.

But Amabel was left wondering, could their loving friendship become a basis for marriage? (DOROTHY EMILY) S/P/V: None Reading level: Adult LB 01254 1 volume in 1 container The story is concerned with the five young Ayrtons who grew up at Amberwell, played in the gardens and then ventured forth into the world.

====================================================================== AMBERWELL Author: STEVENSON, D. To each of the children, Amberwell meant something different; it influenced their thoughts and molded their lives.

Spanish Fiction ENGLISH FICTION 1022 EVERGREEN PLACE Author: MACOMBER, DEBBIE S/P/V: None Reading level: Adult Series: CEDAR COVE 10 LB 06528 1 volume in 1 container Cedar Cove firefighter Mack Mc Afee is in love with his neighbor, single mom Mary Jo Wyse, whose baby he helped deliver.

But one April evening, her world is shattered by a phone call. ====================================================================== ADORING ADDIE Author: GOULD, LESLIE, 1962- S/P/V: None Reading level: Adult Series: COURTSHIPS OF LANCASTER COUNTY 2 LB 07405 1 volume in 1 container When Addie Cramer's mutter and dad decide Phillip Eicher is the man for her to marry, they claim she must honor them by obeying their wishes.====================================================================== AMERICAN HEIRESS Author: GOODWIN, DAISY S/P/V: None Reading level: Adult LB 06924 1 volume in 1 container 1894.Wealthy American debutant Cora Cash is taken to England by her status-seeking mother to marry an aristocrat.Archer finds himself torn between his attraction to Ellen and his security in a bland, but proper, marriage to May. She found many of the customs strange and repressive.None of this mattered until Lorna fell in love with Rafael Rodriguez and found that she was expected to accept his alien way of life.

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