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That person decides whether you are entitled to your unemployment benefits or not. Apparently, bewilderment is not an uncommon response.You’ll then receive a Notice of Determination explaining whether you are eligible for benefits or your claim has been denied. But many people just throw the notice in the mail pile to figure out later. The Notice of Determination typically states whether the employer is “chargeable” for your claim or “not chargeable.” If the adjudicator determines the employer was not chargeable (which essentially means you aren’t getting an unemployment check), you have to request an appeal within a very specific period of time—20 calendar days in Florida, for example.Your employer has plenty of incentive to challenge your claim.If you are successful, the employer’s unemployment insurance tax rate will go up, often significantly.Officially called the Federal-State Unemployment Insurance Program, these benefits can provide you temporary income while you’re unemployed and looking for work.Your state determines what unemployment benefits you are eligible for, how much assistance you can receive, and how long you can receive these benefits.

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-- A bloke was sitting on a bus when a gorgeous woman next to him starts breastfeeding her baby. " -- A man is at work one day when he notices that his co-worker is wearing an earring.For millions of Americans, unemployment benefits provide a lifeline that lets them keep the wolf from the door. Unemployment claims are often denied, and sometimes for avoidable reasons.Americans who find themselves without a job may qualify for help from the government.“That’s the biggest mistake because that’s another week that you don’t get unemployment,” he said.Another reason they don’t file is they assume they aren’t entitled to benefits.

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