Homosexuality and life expectancy and cameron

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There is a twenty to fifty fold greater rate of hepatitis B among male homosexuals and a much higher rate of hepatitis A [than heterosexuals]; between one-half to three-fourths of homosexual men have had hepatitis B.If you look at rates of chronic or recurrent infections with herpes virus, CMV, and hepatitis B, you would find them in ninety percent of homosexually active men.Is it any wonder that Paul calls this behavior vile and unseemly? To encourage young people to embrace homosexuality as normal and to remove from their minds any possible inhibitions toward it, pro-homosexual propaganda in public school courses and special programs leads them to believe that homosexuality is merely an alternative lifestyle, as healthy as heterosexuality.Reaping the fruits of sowingperversion A tree is known by its fruit (Mat. The awful truth that homosexuals want to bury beneath a faade of normalcy is that homosexuality is destructive to health and hygiene.And a 1978 study found that 43 percent of male homosexuals estimated having sex with five hundred or more different partners and 28 percent with a thousand or more different partners.Seventy-nine percent said that more than half of these partners were strangers and 70 percent said that more than half were men with whom they had sex only once.

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The impression we are given is that homosexuals are involved in committed relationships comparable to typical heterosexual relationships, but the truth is the homosexual lifestyle is, by its very nature, extremely promiscuous.Abiding by Gods word is the only effective AIDS prevention program.Respecting Gods will for sexual fulfillment as revealed in his word would, in a matter of time, eliminate AIDS from the face of the earth.The publicity surrounding AIDS has hidden the fact that it is a lifestyle specific disease which, in our nation, is primarily spread by and mainly afflicts homosexuals.In fact, it was first called GRID-Gay Related Immuno-Deficiency-because it existed almost exclusively among homosexuals and was correctly understood to be the result of high-risk behavior typical of homosexuals.

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