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This example of an educational philosophy statement by a senior undergraduate art education major addresses her beliefs about what should be taught in art, student learners, technology for art education, and the importance of addressing visual culture in art education.She has identified hyperlinks of “Teachable Moments,” “Computer Applications,” and “Concepts that are challenging” to link to art lessons and reflections on teaching.They may be organized around the 4 Domains of Teaching: Domain I: Planning and Preparation, Domain II: Instruction Domain III: Evaluation, and Domain IV: Professional Responsibilities as in this example.This preservice (junior) combined her beliefs about teaching and learning while linking them to the Wisconsin Standards.However, with existing templates you will have some creative outlet with selecting fonts and font colors.

This undergraduate (junior) e-portfolio page needs to be enhanced with titles and dates of works and reflections.You may find that you may want to use a relevant template to eliminate the time spent on designing an e-portfolio.The downside is that all the pages will look the same and inserting images upon pages with images may look too busy. If you need to cite an entire website in your reference list, include some or all of the following elements, in this order: 1. Tutorial: Citing Government Publications The University of North Texas provides general guidelines for citing government publications as well as links to additional resources. You can usually refer to an entire website in running text without including it in your reference list, e.g.: "According to its website, the Financial Accounting Board requires ...". The site offers comparison citation tables with examples from examples of citing formats like films, photographs, maps and recorded sound that are accessed electronically.

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