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Hughes' hermit-like obsession with his privacy all but guaranteed that the 'gorgeous literary caper' would succeed, Irving wrote in 'The Hoax,' his 2006 account of the scheme.'Hughes would never be able to surface to deny it, or else he wouldn't bother,' he wrote.

At the time of the hoax, Hughes had long withdrawn from his life as a powerful industrialist, aviator and filmmaker.

Irving and his collaborator, Richard Suskind, were indicted on fraud charges and were found guilty in June 1972. She left jail announcing her intent to file for divorce.Clifford Irving's elaborate ruse became the subject of the 2006 movie 'The Hoax,' starring Richard Gere.Irving served 17 months in federal prison for fraud after Hughes emerged to condemn the work as a fabrication. It became an adventure,' Irving told the Los Angeles Times in 2007.Doctors testified that Ms Irving's skull was exposed after the vicious beating caused an inch-long split in her forehead.Her child was born premature but healthy last year.

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