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But Marco retaliated by presenting Viki with doctored photos of Tina in which she appeared to be posing naked.

Viki agreed to pay Marco to leave town, but then Marco turned up dead and Viki was arrested after being spotted at the scene of the murder by Greg Huddleston, the son of one of Karen's johns, Talbot Huddleston.

Niki would emerge without Viki's knowledge and was carrying on her own life, including falling in love with Joe's best friend Vinnie Wolek.

Viki eventually underwent psychiatric counseling and conquered Niki Smith, becoming whole again.

She lost her mother when she was five years old and was raised in a strict WASP home by a domineering father, who longed for a son but instead was saddled with two daughters, Viki and her sister Meredith.

(grandson; deceased) Megan Victoria Buchanan (granddaughter; deceased) Brennan "Bree" Buchanan (granddaughter) Chloe Brennan (granddaughter; deceased) Liam Asa Mc Bain (grandson) Ryder Asa Lovett (grandson) Zane Buchanan (great-grandson) Shot Victor Lord in the arm under influence of alter Niki Smith [1969] Believed to have murdered her father under the influence of alter Tori [1976] Arrested and charged with murdering Marco Dane, but later exonerated [1978] Arrested for failing to reveal her source after publishing story about a baby switch at Llanview Hospital [1982] Killed Johnny Dee Hesser under the influence of alter Niki Smith [1990] Kidnapped Dorian and held her prisoner in the secret room at Llanfair under influence of alter, Jean Randolph [1995] Set fire to Llanfair under influence of alter, Tori [1995] Various crimes against Ben and Natalie, including pushing Ben out a window [as Niki, April to August 2002] Niki Smith (carefree party girl, sexually promiscuous) Tommy (angry teenage boy) Jean Randolph (control freak and gatekeeper) Princess (Young girl who suffered the abuse of Victor as a child) Tori (a cunning, young adult version of Viki; tried to kill Victor in 1970s) Victor Lord (a representation of Viki's father; tried to convince Viki to kill herself) Diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder Sexually assaulted by Mitch Laurence [1986] Suffered memory loss [1987] Developed a brain aneurysm [1987] Shot and suffered a stroke [1990] Donated a kidney to daughter Megan [1992] Diagnosed with breast cancer and had a mastectomy [2000] Suffered a mild heart attack [2004] Received a heart transplant [2004] Died in a car accident and was revived by Dorian Lord [2008] Shot by Allison Perkins [2012] Viki has been a central figure in Llanview since 1968.

Just before remarrying, Viki announced to an overjoyed Clint that she was expecting their first child together.

Jessica would soon be born, and despite a brief scare where she was kidnapped, the baby was returned and the Buchanans seemed to be settling into a comfortable existence.

Viki and Joe married, but shortly thereafter Joe went on assignment to California and was reported killed in an accident.

Enter Steve Burke, a man her father approved of and encouraged her to marry.

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