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The projects included restoring a historical garden, creating a documentary film, a book drive/awareness day regarding the plight of women and children in Uganda, an awareness campaign regarding Alzheimer's disease using a family's personal experience with the disease, saving a historical structure, and a campaign to promote the importance of good nutrition. Look at those projects - is there one that you could replicate or adapt in your community?Here's another article about recent Girl Scout Gold Award winners meeting the President, and it includes descriptions of their projects. And if all of this still isn't enough to give you an idea...You must get approval from your Girl Scout council liaison for your Gold or Silver Award Idea or as a paperback from Amazon or as a Kindle book from Amazon.This book is for both organizations new to virtual volunteering, as well as for organizations already involving online volunteers who want to improve or expand their programs.

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These are projects that would meet the new requirements of the Girl Scouts Gold Award and many of the Journey Awards (those related to community service, awareness or advocacy).Completing any of these activities would demonstrate your skills in problem-solving, research, networking, persuasive speaking and consensus-building.Each activity, as a whole, would require at least 80 hours of work on your part, if done correctly.You must get approval from your Girl Scout council liaison for a Gold Award idea All of these projects require you to involve members of the community as volunteers and collaborators to help with the project.Most would require partnerships with other organizations - schools, school groups, civic associations, government programs, nonprofits and others.

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