New york dating getting out of hand

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(I still don't do it, though.)The first time I charged an iced coffee at an independent cafe outside of New York, I stepped outside to quietly weep.

A lack of cash is the sole reason I ever was able to frequent the Dunkin Donuts on Graham — because sometimes I needed a pick-me-up en route to the train, but only had three quarters. Oh right, your enormous purse that makes one hip pop out more than the other.

Save a few exceptions like the Bay Area and parts of L. A friend of mine divulged this little tidbit to me once, while she was deep in the throes of planning a move from Brooklyn to Austin. When you bounce from the Big Apple, you soon learn that forking over 0 to some doofus with a longboard — showing you mostly decrepit buildings outside of your price range — is not a universal practice. A furry little companion is pretty much the best, and with a bit more living space, being a certifiable pet owner is definitely more manageable.

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Now that you've got more money in your pocket, you can probably upgrade your lunch from that sad desk salad (that also probably cost you about ).But since most cities don't have the rapidly-rising rent costs New York does, businesses elsewhere have a greater chance of keeping the lights on for longer than a few years.This can be downright jarring to experience at first, but I gotta say, after a while, I kinda love the unabashed friendliness that goes on in other places.And what do you really have to show for that kind of practice other than an insane collection of plastic chopsticks you'll never actually attempt to use? With less temptation to be lazy and a (probably) larger kitchen, you have the opportunity to embrace your inner Top Chef.OK, that's because there's way less happening, but TBH, until I have Hermione's Time Turner, there's no way I could ever hope to hit all 17 awesome-looking concerts any given night of the week — not to mention the heaps of other goings on like gallery openings, parties, potlucks, exhibitions, etc.

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