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She was wearing some of the shortest shorts I have ever seen.When she turned, I could see the enchanting crease of her ass cheeks below the minuscule legs of the shorts.

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I sometimes caught Aunt Penny looking at me in a strange new way, sort of an appraising stare, as if she were wondering just how good a lover I might be.

One morning, right after Mom and I had enjoyed a delightful long, slow fuck, ending in a frenzied thrusting, humping coupling, building to a thunderous mutual orgasm, Mom informed me that she had promised Aunt Penny that I would help her out that afternoon.

We were lying together with my hand gently caressing Mom's oozing pussy, while she stroked my damp, semi-hard prick. I had not yet told Mom about overhearing that conversation between the sisters about sex, the one that had led me on to deceive my mother and fuck her before she realized that it was not her husband's cock inside her hot cunt.

But now, as I had heard my aunt tell my mother, she was neglected and starved for sex.

My uncle was much more interested in making money (at which he was very successful) and seeking political power (which so far had eluded him).

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