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Black Bart’s resources were badly depleted: he had a crew of tough and experienced mercenaries, but his supplies were low and his chances of capturing a prize with this second-best sloop were slim.Roberts’ response was to ensure the loyalty of his men by making them sign a code of conduct. Each man would have an equal vote in the big decisions and an equal right to food, liquor and prizemoney.In this, plenty and satiety, pleasure and ease, liberty and power..."No, a merry life and a short one shall be my motto."Scroll down for more ... His quick mind was appreciated by Davis, who took to consulting him over navigation and the rig of the sails.Roberts was older than most of the conscripts on the pirate vessels.After a relaxing fortnight, Davis invited the Governor to lunch on board his ship, intending to hold him hostage for ransom.Meanwhile, however, the Governor had discovered that Davis had been making advances to his wife. He had been a pirate for only sixweeks, but his shipmates had already recognised his seamanship.

But while Roberts was chasing prey off the coast of Guyana, his deputy, left in charge of the Royal Rover, sailed away in an act of treachery, leaving Roberts with one small, poorly armed sloop.

In the close-quarters cannonade which followed, several of his crew were cut down.

Evenmore were slaughtered in the hand-to-hand fighting as Black Bart’s pirates swarmed over the vessel. Those Dutchmen who had not been killed in the fighting were hung from the yardarm, or stripped of theirshirts and lashed at the masthead until they lost consciousness in the blistering sun, then mutilated.

When this swashbuckling Welsh buccaneer had to fight for his prizes, he was merciless.

In 1720, the crew of a 42-gun Dutch vessel anchored off Dominica in the Caribbean dared to resist.

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