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"Power Yoga was simply a name I came up with in the late '80s to let people know that ashtanga yoga practice — unlike most of the yoga taught in '70s America — was a serious workout, designed to build significant strength and concentration as well as flexibility," says Beryl Bender Birch.

He is one of the two American yoga teachers who nearly simultaneously coined the term. Not coincidentally, both these teachers had studied with Ashtanga master Sri K. Another name often associated with power yoga is Baron Baptiste who devised his own method in San Francisco, California.

"Power yoga here is a big sham and a scam," says yoga columnist and teacher Shameem Akhtar, who's a proponent of Sivananda yoga.

She explains, "Static poses are very difficult and fast-paced ones are for beginners.

Hatha yoga is good for beginners because of its slow pace and introductory poses.When you’ve never tried yoga, it can be intimidating, especially if you’ve been scoping the jaw-dropping, super bendy, pretzel-like poses your girlfriend practices each morning.But relax: It’s actually the most basic postures—not the fancy positions—that provide you with the foundation of flexibility and strength every man needs.There have even been claims that, in encouraging beginners to try and push their bodies into quick movements and advanced positions, this and other sport versions are temporarily successfully and actually dangerous because they could cause injury.It causes injury "Power yoga is like any cardiovascular activity, which means that if you stop practicing it you will regain the weight you've lost," says Samanta Duggal, yoga therapist and director at Temperance.

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