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K.), a mitzvah project, or ANY leadership project that will lead to a sustainable, lasting benefit to a community or cause.This page is not an official Girl Scouts, Duke of Edinburgh, or any other nonprofit's page.After verifying it we will publish your experience here.This page is for those seeking ideas for the Girl Scouts Gold Award (or any Journey award related to community service, awareness or advocacy), the Duke of Edinburgh's Award (U.

These ideas cover activities relating to the arts (theater, dance, photography, painting, music), the environment (including dogs, cats, and other animals/pets), children and youth, seniors / the elderly, low-income people, at-risk people, women, other countries, poverty and more!Once you sign up to a paid membership plan, the membership is automatically renewed each month.This function can be disabled in account settings though and your membership will expire once your paid membership period ends.This page is one person's entirely individual, voluntary opinion.You must get approval from your Girl Scout council liaison for a Gold Award idea All of these projects require you to involve members of the community as volunteers and collaborators to help with the project.

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