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At Weathersfield in Essex there is also an excellent museum for the Ministry of Defence Police (its forebears, the civilian police of Army, Navy and Air Force). Police and the Navy (Chatham Dockyard) also have police museums.

Military organizations such as the Royal Military Police, the R. From an Act of Parliament in 1835, small towns with a Royal Charter began to employ policemen.

There are also well-funded and independent museums in the Greater Manchester area and the West Midlands In London, the City Police have a museum with an excellent curator. Note that the Crime Museum, formerly the Black Museum at New Scotland Yard is not about policemen.

It is the world’s oldest crime museum, mainly devoted to criminality and artefacts.

Royal residences like Windsor Castle also used a security force, and Commercial Docks had policemen.

Now many of these police forces have become agencies.

In the United Kingdom, there have been over 200 different organizations within the definition of police organizations.

And today there are still at least 43 different organizations.

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In the 1851 Devon census, there is a pocket of Metropolitan Policemen stationed at the Royal Docks in Portsmouth and Devonport.

However in 1857, as policing in all United Kingdom became compulsory, many small forces ceased to exist and Watch Committees disappeared in the 1950’s.

Harwich and Saffron Walden officers can be traced in the 18 censuses as well as the local newspapers until their small forces were eliminated.

Fortunately, most of it was rescued and eventually placed in another museum in 1991.

Many respected museums as in the case of Devon and Cornwall have been temporarily closed for lack of someone to manage them.

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