Sunfish sailboat dating

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Come back with a new skill and memories of fun-filled days as you sailed the Caribbean Sea.

Sunfish - Millions of people have learned to sail and enjoy the water on the Sunfish, the most popular boat ever produced.

Hull Identification Number If there is a serial number molded into the hull, it will be in the upper right corner of the transom. 1, 1972 to Aug 1, 1984 two formats were used to show the date of production, STRAIGHT YEAR and MODEL YEAR.

It can be deciphered to give you the manufacturer and model year. Straight Year Format AMF 59483 07 79 Manufacturer: AMF Alcort Hull Number: 59483 Month: 07 Year: 79 Model Year Format AMF 59483 M 84 G Manufacturer: AMF Alcort Hull Number: 59483 M = Model Year Format Model Year: 84 Month of Production: G (Feb) Production Month Letter Codes: A = August; B=September; C=October; D=December; F=January; G=February; H=March; I=April; J=May; K=June; L=July "New Format" In 1984 an updated format known as the "NEW FORMAT" replaced STRAIGHT YEAR and MODEL YEAR formats. Hull Number: 99999 Production Month: B (February) See Below Year of Production: 7 Model Year: 87 Production Month Letter Codes: A= January; B=February; C=March; D=April; E=May; F=June; G=July; H=August; I=September; J=October; K=November; L=December Attached is a full timeline of the Sunfish History.

If the serial number is on a metal deck plate near the splashrail; there is no storage compartment at the aft end of cockpit; and the boat has (or had) the "old style" rudder hardware (where the rudder attaches via 2 bronze fittings): the boat is pre-1971.

The last two numbers of the serial number is the year of manufacter.

Sometimes the machine used to imprint the numbers made an impression that looks something like a 1 at the end of the number, so ignore that.

In contrast, the Sunfish has a wider beam for more stability, increased freeboard and the addition of a foot-well for a more comfortable sailing position.

Sunfish began as a wood hull design and progressed to fiberglass construction just a few years after its introduction.

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