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Once wireless detect is found, it display on screen and also log to file on the attack.Additional features are added to current script where previous WIDS does not have are : When your computers are turned on, Wake Me On Lan allows you to scan your network, and collect the MAC addresses of all your computers, and save the computers list into a file.- FIXED: QOS Scheduler would revert back to sfq after you had re-enabled QOS while (fq_)codel was already selected.- FIXED: Missing tabs on the Parental Control page.Apart from these, it will harvest all Wi Fi information in the surrounding and store in databases.This will be useful when it comes to auditing a network if the access point is ‘MAC filtered’ or ‘hidden SSID’ and there isn’t any existing client at that moment.380.68_4 (4-Oct-2017) - CHANGED: Updated dnsmasq to 2.78 (contains a number of security fixes).

380.68_2 (12-Sept-2017) - FIXED: Some models would show the wrong menu options while in Repeater mode.- FIXED: Realtek port status wouldn't auto-refresh on the Sysinfo page.- FIXED: Incorrect sort by remaining time on the DHCP Lease page.- NEW: Description field added to Open VPN client configuration - NEW: Added missing hash types to ipset_arm (Patch by john9527) - NEW: Added hostname Busybox applet, used by some Entware packages - NEW: Added TPROXY netfilter target module (ARM only) - CHANGED: Switched webui menu generation code to GPL 382 code. - CHANGED: Reworked VPNStatus page, will now refresh itself every 5 seconds.It will also report a client's local and public IP addresses.

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