Updating your blackberry storm

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The Black Berry Storm originally released with Black Berry Device Software 4.7, so if you have not upgraded your Storm, you may still have this setting on your phone.

When "Do Not Disturb" is enabled, your phone does not provide any kind of incoming call notification for you and the call goes straight to voice mail.

You can also individually set the call forwarding options for when you are busy (as noted on your Black Berry's calendar), unreachable or when you do not reply to your phone calls.

In areas where reception is poor due to a weak network or local interference, the cellular network is not able to reach your phone to connect your call.This is your solution I recommend the following instructions even if the 'normal' method works, because it's going to be a complete fresh instal. Press the windowsbutton 'R' the run screen on your pc will pop up, copy this in it!and hit run C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\Shared\Loader Files\ now you will se a OS folder (mines is '9530AMEA_v5.0.0.419_P4.2.0.179') this is where the OS is installed on your pc.You can enable your Black Berry's radio through the "Manage Connections" icon on your Black Berry's Home screen.Select the "Mobile Network" check box to turn the device's radio on.

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