Who is chloe sevigny dating

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This led to a whole new lifestyle as an indie actress who soon appeared in Steve Buscemi's , her Oscar nomination for it, lots of subsequent hoopla and surprisingly little career advancement.

She remains an actress always maybe on the verge of bigger things.

"You must air yourself out." Another is, leisure-time pill popping is OK, in moderation.

"I've always been a downer kind of girl," she says, "but I'd never take a handful, only the occasional recreational painkiller or Valium, then have a few cocktails. But I am not abusing them in any way, and they are dangerous." Another is, if you really love wearing the skimpiest of short-shorts on the streets of Manhattan, and she does ("I like short-shorts! "), then you know what you're going to hear: "Whistling, hooting and hollering!

It started in Darien, Connecticut, the most whitebread of Connecticut towns, which she prefers to call Aryan Darien.

It was there, in high school, that she was definitely not into field hockey and academics and totally into shaving off her ass-length hair, selling it to some wig maker for 0, spending the money on forty-ouncers and taking the Metro-North commuter train into Manhattan, where she interned at magazine, hung out with the skate-punk crowd in Washington Square Park and became a club kid who was "just on the brink of being dangerous," she says.

One of them is, never go to sleep wearing underwear, and how she came by it is, her mom.

"My mom would always tell me that you never wear panties at night," she says.

"People are always saying, ' Oh, but you were nominated for an Oscar!' And I'm always answering, ' Yeah, but so was Mare Winningham.'"So that's another thing about Sevigny: She's got a pretty tasty wit and is not afraid to use it, always in that sly sideways style of hers. She is in favor of a tidy apartment and does all the tidying herself. Weapons and sings songs with lyrics such as "Fuck you, pay me, give me my money/Fuck you, pay me, give me my dough." She can be jealous, almost violently so.She has a lot of fuzz on her arms and once played drums in a band named Fuzzy Peaches. She currently lives with Matt Mc Auley, who plays bass in the band A. "It's one of my worst traits, and I'm trying to learn how to deal with it.He was just another skater until, in 1994, photographer Larry Clark asked him to write what would become the wallop-packing movie .And Sevigny was just his hipster girlfriend until Clark asked her to star in the movie as a teenager trying to track down the "virgin surgeon" who gave her HIV.

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